I previewed part of dvd #2 (addiction patterns), AWESOME!!! I would recommend these dvd’s to members on our list, who haven’t yet ordered them. If you want lots of great tibits that will change patterns all over the place, these dvd’s ROCK!


Thank you for the addiction dvd’s, I received them today. I am also reading the material in closed. I appreciate your kindness and friendship. I look forward to receiving and playing with Morphine and persuasion madness, cd’s I ordered also. I noticed while all your material, dvd’s, cd’s, etc… all connect and enhance each other, there is no repetition, something new and fresh in each one, where I am in wonder, where you are leading me, as I view and listen to the material. Your friend, Sunscreen little bear brother two Thomas Sunscreen Bear. 8) DE


Mr TT, my breathing is deeper and my tonality is resonant from within. You know how I used to speak, fast with no air or space between the words, intense and urgent and breathless. I’ve been listening myself talking to clients and I’m different. I recorded myself, and I’m different. My words are surrounded by space. Oh what an abundance of air and space there is in the universe and its not the Most Expensive only the most valuable.

Hey everyone

First off i would just like to say that John you offer the most effective, practical NLP/energy work i have come across especially in terms of the honor coaching and i thank the universe that it drew me to you…

Cheers me old mate


January 3, 2006

Why is it that I’ve never taken a shooting class with You John, and yet the things I’ve learned have improved my shooting drastically (and changed every single thing I do, BTW), including my confidence that I could do the same thing in a real gunfight if I needed too…?

Or I get to play with my one year old cousin… better than most of my other cousins do.

Or I noticed that I catch better when someone tosses me something…

Oh yea, and my Dad… I notice that he gets to open up now with me,



Sunday, Jan 1, 2006

My two favorite programs:

1. Most Expensive CD Volume 1: Because it helped me see changes I needed to (and did eventually did) make in order to close more sales.

2. Integrity Crash Course: Because it helps me be in a relaxed state so I can use all the other cool stuff I’m learning in sales meetings (and in life).


Thursday, December 29,2005

Hey Twenty,

Recently I mentioned on the list I had a couple of sales opportunities come up from playing with the “Most Expensive” CD material.

Just to let you know…. one of them just closed and booked for $40,000.00. I’ll get a nice commission on that and you’ll be getting a Merry Christmas/Happpy New Year “beer” tomorrow. 🙂

Thanks for all you do.


Yo Twenty,

I’m a NLP’er and am frightened of you. Mainly because you are absolutely insane. I mean that in a good way. I watched your dvd on saturday and thought this was the best thing I’ve seen about NLP and want to know more!
Tom P.

Hi Twenty Thanks for putting up the NLP LIVE articles. Your examples are great. They help me understand how these things are used in everyday life. Have a great day and Get R Done!


Hello Twenty, I received the dvd’s for “Integrity Living” and from one quick view of part of #1, AWESOME!!!

Thank you for making this material available to learn and play with.

Blessings to you and your family,
D. E. Texas


Well Twenty, so far I am really impressed. At first when listening to your Cd’s and watching your DVD’s, I wasn’t even sure of what I was learning let alone sure if I was learning anything. Very unconscious stuff… Then I found my mind curiously running over the PRINCIPLES you “vaguely” left behind. I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Daniel S.


Enjoying your stuff John, cool, wierd but cool and the integrity DVD (the first one) feels very different to anything I have played with before.
Thank you,

Best regards,



Hey! Wow! All I can say is the stuff you’ve been teaching me is really amazing. I love it because it isn’t complicated. I don’t have to sit around and think and psyche myself up and try to figure out some esoteric thing.. it just makes sense. It just works! After the stuff you taught me about modalities, which I’m already having a blast playing with, I feel like I am savoring living like a professional wine taster tastes the subtleties of wine. Last night I just wanted to lie down in the grass and enjoy the huge number of ways I could feel and see and hear the world! Thanks! I know this sounds little breathless but I’m telling you the truth!

My question is this. I’m totally getting what you mean about ….
J. P.


Here’s a testamonial.

After two phone sessions I already feel myself loosening up a lot. Please continue gently and deftly blowing my mind!



I order Apache Mind Control, Age Regression For Fun and Profit, and Money Motivation- Modal Operators. What I first began to like about your product is I could use it that day without practicing or memorizing. I just went out and did it. Durring that period I got one of my personal training clients finally to agree to follow a nutrition plan…

What I enjoy is that you gave me something that I don’t have to practice so when it comes time to use it, it’s not like I’m worried about all that time practicing down the drain. I just go out and play. I enjoy doing it. A strange thing is it seems like I try less and get more. Thank you so much. – Max


I would like to thank you for the videos that you sent me. I have to confess that at the beginning I was skeptical as whether or not your videos had material that I couldn’t find elsewhere for free.
At the beginning I looked all over the internet and found nothing but hype I realized I was loosing a lot of time until I bought some of your tapes. As soon as I received your tapes, I realized that this is what I wanted and the real source of information. I have to tell you that I have one regret though…yes I regret not having bought your material before.


(Thanks mate! Congrats on the new baby!)

(Note: This letter is from a participant in our Ceremony workshop in the spring of 2001)I really enjoyed the meditations and the talk on Native American thoughts and religious practices, I wish you had talked more on the Native American religion and beliefs it is interesting. I enjoyed the feeling of love around the room, as the day progressed the feeling grew stonger and stronger.You are a good speaker and you spread positive energy.
Karen K

It is hard to put into words the impact John has had on my life. In the time we have spent together, I have become spiritually sound. Through guidance and intermingling of the Tai Chi Chuan form, edible and medicinal plants, tracking, shelter and other native ways classes, John puts together an atmosphere that helps restore a natural balance within. Mr Twenty Twenty is a wonderful teacher who will heighten your awareness and show you new doors without trying to shove you through. If you feel confused or frustrated with your current path in life, there is help. If you have an open mind and a willingness to change, contact him. He not only teaches these things, he lives them. He is the real thing, a true healer.

Kenneth C. Greep, OHIO.

I went to John to learn about Tai Ji Chuan. And I did learn about Tai Ji Chuan. And it made an incredible difference in my life. I began to have something that I could apply my spirit to everyday.

That part of me that was neglected for so long, not because I wanted to neglect it but because I had no avenue to express and hone it, was now being developed. And that was just the begining. I also learned how to walk, how to look, Native skills and philosophy, wild edible plants…

Experiencing Mr Twenty Twenty’s energy and the consistency of his actions are what kept me coming back. He is someone I trust completely.

Steve in Michigan


Sometimes it is so hard to put things into words….Sometimes the words just aren’t enough. Feelings are so powerful, and yet sometimes when you try to put what you are feeling into words, something is lost in the transfer. But because I feel such gratitude, I will try to express my thanks. As a result of our paths finally crossing, I have become one of your students. Every thing I have learned, and every class I have taken, has brought me one step closer to the person that I think I am. I have learned so much, but it is more than that…..I come away from each class with such a sense of well-being and connectiveness, recharged and a little more aware. At our last class, Making Medicines, you asked us to reflect on something for which we are thankful and I remembered the first time I heard the words of Alanis Morrisette’s song “Thank U”; it was if she had read my mind…” …thank you india
thank you terror
thank you providence
thank you disillusionment
thank you nothingness
thank you clarity
thank you frailty
thank you consequence
thank you thank you silence
the moment I let go of it was the moment I got more than I could handle
the moment I jumped off of it was the moment I touched down
….in other words, I am thankful for everything that living this life has taught me, and now, I have something more to be thankful for; the gift of your teaching. Until next class…. Love and peace,


The Michigan Wow Weekend July 2007 with Mr Twenty Twenty Mr Twenty Twenty and friends


August 1, 2007

So my Wow weekend was amazing… Now I get why it’s named that.

Story time kids!

Switch, man… 1st thing 1st day. It was cool, usually a buried part of me but I saw when I let it come up to the surface, it had some neat effects. One – I got to be me unabashedly. I played with an external Switch, and noticed for me there was a lot of juice here. So I went up to this mangosteen juice guy, sposed to be really good for your health, and I kept cutting him off with my opinions and thoughts mid-pitch and ended up with him giving me a free bottle of his magic juice stuff to try out.

Self- what a hoot. So I walked into the mall from the foodcourt outside where we were sitting… I’m thinking, I gotta pee, so I pee. Then, I think – what do I want to do? Then it hits me… stance. (very still chi kung training – JW) I love stance, and I want to see how strongly I can stick to myself despite distractions, So I go find the busiest part of the mall, and start doing my standing meditation… It wasn’t in the way of the traffic of people walking, or in front of a store, more in between the two aisles of people…. So anyway, I’m standing there, kids are coming up and smacking my hands, talking at me, asking if I’m a statue or a person…. step outside of the story to what JOHN’s doing, he got some popcorn, eating it really messy, dropping it all over the place, and he see’s me standing there “This is great” he thinks and takes a seat, just messily muching his popcorn… Back into it – A woman walks over to me, grabs my arm says “you doin alright there Hero?” But I’m just sticking to my self and my stance, she walks away. (John tells me later she’s a security guard). Then John walks over and tells me “Security’s coming for you” and walks away… I half think he’s joking, but I’m sticking to my standing intention for now… Keep standing, all of the sudden, I get grabbed on both arms “excuse me” I hear gruffly “We’ve gotten some complaints about you interrupting business… I open my eyes surrounded by three security people. So that was the end of that! Then I got interested in a sign that said “hazard shelter” or something like that leading into a pair of plain double doors, which I wandered into and got lost in the tunnels winding through the secret parts of the mall for a while.

Other – had fun getting lost in it….

Simo- I could never do enough.

All together- great people, great times! Thank you John, Carol, Rick, Mike, Mike, Nick, Sarah and Cindy!



July 31, 2007

Thanks so much for bringing what you do to us here in Michigan. Two days at the mall was a struggle for me… took me right out of my comfort zone, confused the hell out of me, and blew my mind. Part of me is looking for what skills I took away from the weekend but there’s really nothing to pin down this way. Rather I feel like what I got was a way/chance to perceive more of the world. Also, there’s a huge difference in how I’m hearing the recorded materials after spending some time face to face with the man himself. Cool…

The funniest thing about the weekend was when I got home on Sunday night and took a closer look at the certificate. I guess I didn’t look to closely when they were handed out because I was thinking, “I don’t really deserve a certificate. What the hell did complete or accomplish?” Then I got home and noticed that it was a “Certificate of Survival.” That put it all into perspective and gave me a good laugh, too.

But by far the coolest part of my weekend was family related. On Friday before heading to Rick’s for class I spent a couple hours visiting my 98 year old great great aunt. And then last night I got to sit in a rocking chair and hold my new nephew when he was only an hour old. Spending time with the oldest and youngest members of the family… talk about inspiring!


(Thanks Nick! Our pleasure. Experiencing more of the world, and gently exploring how else you can perceive what’s going on inside and around you is totally life changing. It’s great when we can enjoy sharing our Wow Weekend approach to letting your life transform by noticing. Keep in touch and see you on the Science Of Excellence list. Mr Twenty Twenty)


July 30, 2007

Lotsa stuff.

First, I super enjoyed myself. Honored to have ya’ll at the house. Thank you for doing what you do! Thank you to everyone for your contributions on the “report outs”. Helped me a lot!

WOW weekend for me, “Data Dude”, was the perfect mix of data and kino.

Came away feeling and thinking I got a LOT! Probably the biggest ‘take-away’ is noticing a connection between stance practice and NLP where stance is noticing internal kino patterning and 20’s NLP is noticing self and others’ patterns using a conceptual structure. (something like that)

Understanding of medicine wheel now is more like a representation of one’s approach to life, or like THE pattern underlying the NLP patterns. I couldn’t get my brain around it before and something ‘clicked’ this weekend along these lines.

Noticing a shifting back and forth in my attitude about my 5 week bachelor break. I’ll shift into “wow, cool, charge ahead – party at Mike’s house!” then back into “ok soldier, back in the foxhole”. Very clear and different feeling in my body. (The former feels more fun.)

Now I “get” what this list is about whereas I didn’t “get it” before. (http://www.thescienceofexcellence.com)
I gotta post. You gotta post. Through sharing there’s growth. Yeah man! I feel more connected to the group now than before.

Now I understand why the mall. It would be a useless waste to just lecture on this.

I got five weeks. I want to use this ‘alone time’ very productively.

( Thanks Mate! We enjoyed seeing you again TREMENDOUSLY and the evening meal at your place was perfect. Thank you for inviting us to your home, visiting ours earlier this year, and being willing to play and discover you more. Whoo Yah! Mr Twenty Twenty)


July 30, 2007


Cooked my brain was. It was amazing. Awesome. Invaluable. Thanks, John and everyone that frequently and infrequently visits my life, for coming home with me and sharing pizza, tobacco, my family, my kitties, and my lawn.

So! This weekend! What an awesome time. I’ll share a little bit of myself here. My Self…..

Sharing meals in the evening was amazing, sitting, interacting. I have a tendency to kind of wander off frequently and get absorbed in something else…Used to run a lot of external, little bits switched me to almost totally internal, all Sarah babble inside, all the time, like your radio is stuck on a station that makes you want to tear your hair out…Little bits this weekend brought some external back, and out came the flood of words, it was nice to have some people around to listen. Also realized that sometimes I fill the space with words, and it’s pretty unnecessary.

John, let me know when you put up that blog with the WTF ranking. I’ll Digg it and i’ll dig it. And laugh.

Thanks, everyone, for sharing this weekend with me. I took a little bit of you all home.