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What to do if you are a teenager stuck in a 49 year old man’s body.

The man on the other end of the phone was ready for a change.  You could tell by how straightforward and blunt he was.

Hey 20/20, my name is Mark, and I going to tell you a secret.  I am a 17 year old teenage boy, stuck in a 49 year old man’s body.  I am physically fit, financially successful, get along well with people and I am respected by my friends and family.  But deep inside I know, I have been letting my life slip away. I have tried everything, and I am hoping you can help me.”

Mark called me because he was turning 50 in 90 days, and was in the middle of kicking his porn habit, when suddenly he had a huge realization.

” I have wasted hundreds, maybe thousands of hours surfing porn sites, and watching dumb ass videos, because of ONE REASON.  I am uncomfortable.  I am not even sure exactly what I am uncomfortable about, but Mr 20/20, your writing rings true with me, and I am calling you because I know that I can’t get to the next level on my own.  Your life and your words inspire me.”

We talked for about 45 minutes.  We talked like men need to talk, openly, candidly.  We swore like sailors, we laughed like little kids.  We simply but it all on the line.

Two days later, Mark committed to 10 weeks of personal coaching.  And I agreed to give him $500 bucks of stuff that in my opinion would help him as a bonus.

A few things we discovered in those amazing training calls, that you might be very interested in.

1.  Mark added it all up.  He bought / borrowed / stole over $20,000 in products in the past 10 years. That’s TWO GRAND A YEAR in stuff.  “I like stuff, I have learned tons from stuff, but I haven’t been able to translate it into action.”

2. Mark kept going.  He said he took 5 big group seminars in that time. He noticed that preferred products and big group trainings, rather than do one one one or small sustained group coaching because he could remain hidden.   “I like my products, but products didn’t point out what I needed to do and focus on NOW.  Products, like porn, are safe.”

3.  Mark had a realization that rings true.  “The thing most like you, is another man.” As much as Mark enjoyed his stuff on his computer, mp3 and dvd players, he had come to the point where he realized that the only way he could advance was to work directly with another man as a coach, a mentor, a friend.

4. As men, we need other men to challenge, support, and be there for us. On one level, men are like pack animals.  On another, we need to belong to a clan, and have elders to give us input and guidance.   “The problem is, most men, aren’t men. They are like how I was. Stuck teenagers in 40 year old bodies. You can’t get the challenge or support you need from other men who are as stuck as you are.”

“Mr Twenty Twenty, you are different. You aren’t stuck in theory like most other NLP experts, and you aren’t all woo woo new age like most Native Americans. Your powers of observation penetrate to the core, and the insights you share on our calls are transforming.”

Here are THREE SIMPLE AND POWERFUL things you can do today if you are a stuck teenager in a grown man’s body..

1.  Get honest with yourself. Notice what’s going on in your life.   Go someplace where you can be by yourself, bring a notebook, and write.  Notice if you are living up to your potential, if you are really honoring yourself, if you are doing what you are designed to do.

2.  Notice how you are distracting yourself from any uncomfortable sensations. Mark was into porn.  Other men watch reruns, fall in love with Homer Simpson, or work out…  Find out what you do, and stop it.

3.  Commit to doing what it takes to take your life back, to grow up, to be a real man. In the process you are most likely going to have to deal with some uncomfortable feelings, you might have to take a good hard look in the mirror, and you might want to build a team that will both support and challenge you.

Listen, if you aren’t living your vision, if you aren’t doing what you are designed to do, and if you aren’t honoring you as a man, then what’s the point.   Might as well wack off all day.

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