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Freeze Frame Fear – How to stop fear dead in it’s tracks instantly.

Hey mate,

I want to build up your bank account, really stimulate the economy, and make a huge difference in the lives of a few thousand people I normally wouldn’t reach today.

So I am giving away one of the most interesting and most amazing recordings we have ever made.  It’s called Freeze Frame Fear – Click here to download it.

NOTE:  Freeze Frame Fear is disk 2 from our 7 CD Candid 2009 Megapackage.

Download the recording, and print out the rest of this post, it’s part of the handbook.  It will be fun to have around too.

So let’s begin.

Feel the fear and do it anyway is a motto.  That motto is not enough to empower most people who hear it.  Most people – including powerful role models, are barely aware of 10 percent of what they are actually doing.
“Key to success:  Study what the experts do, ignore what they say they do.”

All you can report on is what you are aware of.  That’s why most advice doesn’t work as well as we would like it to.  People give well intended advice from what they notice about their own successful behaviors.   They can’t give advice from the 90% that actually makes success possible for them, because they aren’t aware that they are doing all that good stuff “on auto pilot”.

So let’s begin where it matters.

What you are about to experience, is the primary difference between those who are frozen in fear, and who can deal with their fears.  Those who “feel the fear and do it anyway.

What people who take consistent action do, is literally Freeze Frame their fears.

As you experience the process, remember you have to do it physically.

You will be redefining what is possible for you, by changing the role you play, and the qualities that the fear has.

As you experiment and dance with the process, in the recordings, remember to mark out your fear with your hands.  Don’t just point to it, or gesture toward it haphazardly, use your hands like you are finger painting, build in details.

IMPORTANT: Do not visualize this.  Physically do it.

Once you have done this:  Move around it.  Look at YOUR FEAR from different angles.  Look at it from different distances.

Now you have Freeze Framed The Fear!

It’s now more dimensional and slow.

It has position.

You have more momentum.

Part 2 of Freeze Frame Fear:  Relating

Most of the time, people adopt a very predictable role in a relationship.

For the purposes of this recording, in a semi functional (average) relationship, let’s just notice that one member of a couple tends to have a strong position, and the other one tends to have strong momentum.

If you want more dance and discovery in any relationship, then learn how to shift from your preference to the other.  Develop flexibility with when Position and when Momentum show up in your life.  This will invite your partner to experience more of what they have been missing to.

A great way to develop flexibility with Position and Momentum, is to learn how to relate to fear differently.

“Because the way you relate to fear, is as predictable and as defined as how you relate to humans.   If you can become more flexible “in the face of fear” then you can become more flexible and fun with people.”

You’ll discover in the other recordings, many subtleties with this kind of exploration, discovery and dance.

If you want the rest of this huge package for just $97 bucks, click here:  Candid 2009 Megapackage.

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