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Can Hypnosis Cure Schizophrenia?

Hey mate,

I want you to think about these questions, just for a moment, then I want to share something very powerful with you.

“Can Hypnosis cure schizophrenia?”

“Can Wild Violets cure cirrosis of the liver?”

“Can NLP cure ADHD?”

“Can METHOD XYZ cure anxiety?”

QUIZ QUESTION: All those questions have one very damaging and DEADLY ELEMENT in common.  Do you know what it is?

ANSWER: They all come from the perspective of TREATING DISEASE.

The Native American healers I trained with, taught me about HEALING PEOPLE.  We never focused on TREATING DISEASE.

Note:  There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between the two.  In one system, A STATIC DISEASE is in the center of all treatment, and in all thinking about the treatment.  In this ancient way, A DYNAMIC HUMAN –  YOU is in the center of consciousness.  If you are beginning to get how VITAL this is, and how powerful, then you DO have a pulse!

This is why on my 7 Secrets of Plant Medicine CD I share EXACTLY what I learned from my mentors and elders.

“You never heal diseases.  You help people heal themselves.”

I learned from my elders and mentors, Seven Steps that are necessary to shift from DISEASE thinking, to PEOPLE THINKING.

Get this through your head, and if you are a PRACTITIONER, your SKILLS AND PRACTICE will transform.

Get this through your head, and if you are A HUMAN WHO NEEDS HEALING, you will be transformed.

Real healing modalities, don’t ever treat diseases, they help people heal.

So, can hypnosis cure schizophrenia?  Who cares.

Hypnosis helps people heal!

Plants help people heal!

Seeing through Native Eyes helps people heal!

Help yourself to heal.  Learn how to REALLY focus on you, focus on your world, focus on what you are being given every day, every moment.

Mr Twenty Twenty

Can an ancient little known perspective on healing transform your world?  Find out!

Get The 7 Secrets Of Plant Medicine – Instant Download – Click here!

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  1. mr2020 says:

    Hello Vasanti,

    Hypnosis helps people, it’ doesn’t cure disease. Give her short sessions, that invite HER mind to fill in the blanks and determine the best outcome for her.


    Mr Twenty Twenty

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