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Because if you use this ONE word daily you will…

Because if you read this 180 word article, you’ll learn how an amazing 2 syllable word with just SEVEN letters, that will:

  • Help you get along with people much better.
  • Help you connect with people much more quickly.
  • Help you close more sales.
  • Help you get more dates.
  • Help you…

Screw it, just use the word “because” I use it all the time.

I use it all the time, because many people want to do two things:

  1. Because they want to be told what to do.
  2. Because they want to have a reason why they should do what they are told.

Use the word, BECAUSE it works.

Watch this video:

Click Here: Watch this Video Because…

Mr Twenty Twenty

Apache Scout Mind Control = Simple Stuff that works.

PS:  I should have made this recording years ago.   Really, I should have made it LIVE.  I have had so much fun over the years, playing with the word BECAUSE, because it works, and it short circuits resistance, bullshit, and using it with integrity – changes peoples lives.  Go forth and play. Let me know what you do with this.

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