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Why should you live life as if it has an expiration date?

Live your life like it has an expiration date.

Odds are, your physical life – actually does.

So take action.

Really, what is the REAL ABSOLUTE WORST that can happen if you:

1. Act in integrity.
2. Act in love – and appreciation – of you and your fellow man.
3. Take tiny little steps toward your huge massive potential.

That’s it.

Go forth and live!

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: Inspired by a mate who actually is taking advice and action. Whooo yah! Thank you Stepthen for inspiring me.

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Mr Twenty Twenty - "The Weird Obtuse NLP Guru". His adventure in NLP began as a Police Interrogator back in 1988. As a prison guard, taken hostage in the Camp Hill Prison Riots in 1989, diagnosed with PTSD, he immersed himself into NLP, Native Wisdom Healing - Shamanic training, and Wilderness Survival - to heal himself of the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - effectively taking his life back and becoming a world known authority. His advancements in Subjective Modeling, and using NLP to "undesign" your brain and how to use NLP to...

2 Comments on "Why should you live life as if it has an expiration date?"

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  1. James says:

    Where’s the beef 20?

    No step by step?

    No complicated lists?

    No fancy techniques?

    Maybe just maybe THIS is why I do monthly coaching with you. At some stage in life it’s time to just take action yourself while getting a little perspective.

    You keep it real mate!

    James Diggng The Groove.

  2. peter burke says:

    Twenty twenty appreciate your encouragements thankyou for lifting the conscoiusness around the world overflowing blessings to you.had a born again experience many years ago when on tge south island of nz drinking trip.never been the same.God gave revelation one day some time after this experience happened and the honey moon time was over.He showed me i was now in truth just like jesus restored to the divine image but my mind was like arun away has taken many years to overcome so of the deep seated thought patterns.i have an intense love for the Truth desire to walk like Jesus bringing heaven to earth everywhere i go n in everyway.again i thank you dear brother n the blessing of nevilles words.the aposle paul seems out on his own among the early disciples who understood his now real self was Christ the first adam of the earth the last adam the Lord from heaven.this is the true man recreated in the perfect image.thanks again for allowing me to share.blessings bro

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