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How can adding in ONE word = Doubled income?

Just adding in one word – that’s what made the difference.

“Can I do it?”

That’s the question he was asking early on in our session..

“How, can I do it?”

That’s the question he STARTED ASKING. You could hear, see, and FEEL his mind focusing like a laser.

Let’s AMP IT UP, just a bit more.

“How, can I do it?” – STARTING RIGHT NOW.

That’s how ONE WORD – added at the beginning of a sentence – can POWERFULLY transform your entire life.
(And how adding in a little NOW ATTITUDE – just takes it right over the top.)

So let’s stop saying, “Can I do it?”.

Move right now onto, “How CAN I do it?” (Starting Right Now!)

Thank you David for the great session.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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5 Comments on "How can adding in ONE word = Doubled income?"

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  1. Joanna says:

    Instead of How can do it,?, how about just doing it. Sometimes even a (how) can stifle people. I just started doing what I love, and the how it would be manifested just came to be. I love Neville Goddard. No one can explain away the conditioned lies of Christianity like Neville.

    • mr2020 says:

      Hi Joanna,


      How can be a powerful question to ask… it is a stepping stone to JUST DO IT.

      Maybe that’s why NIKE has been so successful with that phrase.

      And why JUST DOING IT totally rules.

      Have a great day!


  2. claudia says:

    Well, this is something that has come to me at the right moment. Thanks for the insight! In the words of Dr. Who: GERONIMO!

  3. The ONE word that matters most. Are you using it today? Are you using it enough?

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