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Hacking Tim Ferriss – Mindhacking 101 – Melbourne Australia.

Why can’t you make Tim Ferriss work for you?

There are probably three reasons that we’ve discovered why many people can’t seem to get Tim Ferriss (or Napoleon Hill for that matter) work for them. Here they are, and what do do about them.

1.  It is very difficult to adopt THE THOUGHTS or THE STRATEGIES of a successful person, WITHOUT adopting THEIR THINKING PROCESS too.

2. Let me repeat that another way. Thoughts are like “a dog”. Thinking is what FEEDS IT. If you bring the dog – the thought or strategy or the method HOME – into your life – and you DON’T have the CAPACITY to feed it – the thinking style of the person you are using as a model – you are going to have to work way to hard, to duplicate their results effectively or sustainably.

3. Another way of looking at it.  If you don’t duplicate their perception and thinking style, it’s like trying to DRIVE THEIR CAR – from the passenger side – if you don’t have their THOUGHTS (nouns) and their THINKING STYLE (verb).

In the Tim Ferriss Mind Hacks – (I share both MEGATONS and JUST A TINY GLIMPSE into how the mind of Tim Ferriss works.)

In the video below, I share WHY this method of modeling based in my mastery of NLP and using it to model Native American Healers and ShapeShifters works.

In a very tiny nutshell….

“To effectively duplicate the results of anyone, you have to be able to notice THEIR PROCESS (how they think and perceive the world unconsciously) so that you can effectively use their thoughts, thinking and their strategies.”

Go watch the mind hack videos – and get the book to dial it up a level higher.

Mr Twenty Twenty

Melbourne, Australia
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