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Are you asking questions that activate your mind power or are you…

What can you learn from these questions? How will YOUR life too transform BIG TIME once you apply what you read next?

Let’s begin here.

Pressure Based Questions – Questions that KILL.

If I get “trading” down, I can make a decent income, stay in Australia easily, buy a new car and a motorbike. That tiny little story CAN help me (or you) “get trading down”, but it also…. creates disaster – because THAT KIND OF STORY, leads to questions like….

1. What do I need to do – to get trading down?
2. What is getting in the way of me – getting trading down?
3. Why haven’t I got trading down?

Notice how… those questions… IMPLY to your mind – that we DON’T HAVE TRADING DOWN.

On the other hand… the POWERFUL EFFECTIVE ONE…

What happens when we start over.


Trading (like internet marketing)is something that I can make a VERY VERY GOOD INCOME WITH – once I agree to – follow some basic guidelines – trade professionally – focus on the excellent execution of a trade. And let money be the byproduct of THAT EXCELLENCE.

That tiny story, tends to lead to short – powerful questions – that Awaken The Warrior Within.

Questions like:

  1. How can I execute fun – focused – excellent – even more excellent – trades this trading session? (How can I – insert what you want – really want to do…)
  2. (What can I STOP doing immediately – that gets in the way?
  3. What do I start doing – differently – to support this – RIGHT – now?)
  4. How can I help others accomplish similar goals? (Winners love helping others win more AND focusing on other people too, seems to open up HUGE DOORWAYS OF POWER INSIDE the mind.)
  5. Where else in life – can I accept my status as a winner, producer, leader?

I did this process – over 20 years ago – with teaching first – taking a part time YMCA job teaching – turning that into a full time teaching / coaching practice. Years later about 12 years ago – I did it with Internet Marketing – selling a few bits on EBAY first – then ASKING QUESTIONS that helped me in developing systems that turned purchasers into long term clients – who bought more goodies – and many who flew around the world to train with me live. Because tiny shifts in the focus of your stories, and TINY shifts in the nature of the questions you ask – will change lives – yours and those around you – lightning fast.

Because…. when you ASK QUESTIONS that are designed to GIVE YOU RESULTS YOU WILL GET RESULTS.

And on the other hand, if you ask questions that put you in a spin or do your head in – you’ll get that.


Next time you decide to ask YOURSELF or ANYONE ELSE a question – especially if you are focused on ACTION – apply what you learned here – and WALK IN POWER.

Mr Twenty Twenty.

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  1. Luis says:

    Your comment on how to stop self inner critic talk!! Like looking for a pen that the whole time was in your ear!!!

    Thanks for kicking my new year on the positive side mate.

  2. Robert Foster says:

    So amazingly simple. You rock 2020. Getting the rest of the program NOW!

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