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Why should you fire your clients….

Good Morning Sunshine!

(Said with a ton of enthusiasm and fun!)

Take Principle number 342 and kick ass today. Fire your bad clients. Do it now.

Free up your time. Free up your energy. Discover your hidden reliance on lack thinking.

Fire your bad clients. It’s very quick and easy. So do it.

Firing your bad clients will reveal to you where in life you still have some aspect of lack thinking.

Expose that so we can take it to your inner firing squad in a coaching call, so you can kick ass forever.

Because when you and I explore and then systematicly execute your hidden lack thinking your relationships with all your current AND future clients will massively improve, and you won’t have to put up with the arses you fire along the way. What a great bonus.

So the first step is to eliminate your bad clients, kill them, send them someplace else, get rid of them because the universe will give you clients that will pay you, the universe will give you the clients you would LOVE to work with, but you have to take action first.

Last week I was on a training call exploring the feelings of lack and the arguments that a specific executive had when he went to fire his bad clients. He had to come to terms with them, so he wouldn’t keep attracting BAD CLIENTS. It was the best training call he ever had. Whoo yah.

So take action, fire your bad clients. Explore the bs that shows up. Then you’ll be ready AND able to kick massive booty.

Mr Twenty Twenty – The Weird Obtuse NLP Guru .

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