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Have you Activated the Power of Center?

Hey mate,

Need to get focused?  Think about this…

The toughest task I run into when working with a new executive coaching client is helping them discover their center, their center IDEA to put into their sales presentation, marketing program, or life.

The most effective companies DEFINE THEIR CENTER FIRST, then develop their campaigns. The companies who fail to do this might have clever ad copy or fun presentations but they don’t do well financially.

It’s the same on a personal level, only much more important.

Take a few moments today and ask yourself the following questions about your CENTER.

1. Do I know what my center idea / ideal / value / principle really is?

2. Does the public – my target market – wife – family know what my center idea is?  Can they tell?  Why or why not?

3. Am I continuing to present my center idea consistently and easily?

Notice, in this article we have a center idea, and it’s easy to get.

Thanks for reading,

Mr Twenty Twenty
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