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You are more powerful than any NLP technique

Sunday, January 2, 2008

Hey Mate,

Get The Plus Factors (Gambler, Junkie, Visionary) Crash Course Today

edwincruiseDo you want LASTING success and happiness too?
(Read the letter, then skip to the link. Nuff said.)

Monday I received an email from a single dad in Wyoming asking me why
success was so elusive.

Why he couldn’t have lasting happiness and if there was a
technique to help him.

I gave him the bad news first.

The bad news is that HE is more powerful than any technique.

So relying on a technique will put the power outside of him, and
make it so he can’t sustain success and happiness, because inside
everyone’s mind that I meet, they wonder, when will the effects of
the technique wear off.

“When will the effects of the technique wear off?”

Then I gave him the good news. Something he could use.

I’ll give it to you too.

The Plus Factor Crash Course, where we teach you to notice and
explore the HIDDEN Gambler, Junkie and Visionary traits you have
is on special this weekend.

Get The Plus Factors (Gambler, Junkie, Visionary) Crash Course Today

The Plus Factor Crash Course helps you explore YOU, and the traits you need to get IN PERSPECTIVE from Gamblers, Junkies and Visionaries.

Gamblers know how to get paid, without throwing their time away. (But learn how to avoid their dark side.)

Junkies are incredibly motivated… but only in a very NARROW way, learn how to get Dynamicly Motivated – without becoming a burn out.

Visionaries – You know how I love visionaries – and How I want you too to become one. And how it could transform your life.

Mr Twenty Twenty The Exhostage – Professional Visionary

Formerly Known as Mr Twenty Twenty

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