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Promotion Secrets!

Promotion Secrets

“First and MOST IMPORTANTLY build something of value, then people will not only pay for it, but promote it as well.”

Since NLP is about making useful distinctions this distinction may be useful for you, assuming that you would like to make more money. Or having a better life by any means.

This site is a simple example. And so are our products. I do very little promotion, and get over 78 percent of my business from repeat customers and their referrals.

My guess is that is because my focus is on the quality of the result, whether it is a phone coaching call or product.  Even in a simple email.

“Simply put, if you find my product or service useful enough, you will tell your friends about it.  The same is true for your biz and personal reputation as well.”

And we will all win, since the world will become a much better place.

So with any use of NLP, why not ask, how can I use this method, to first build something of value?

If we used NLP to build a world with more value than the one where your client is stuck, then movement forward has to be the result.

Most people think way too much about doing textbook nlp, or impressing their clients than simply getting the job done.

Okay, your turn.  Produce something of value.  Produce something of value in your inner world and in  your outer world.

And if you want some help – coaching or advice – you know how to reach me.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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