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Meeting Women – The Truth about NLP

When it comes to dating and mating, you can use your NLP to either develop you or to manipulate women.

Use NLP to live FULL OUT  – and learn how to flirt – and you’ll naturally hook up.  done.

You see if you think you need skills to meet women, you will get in the way of your natural charm.  Women love authentic charm, and women love men who appreciate their beauty.


The Captain of the football team doesn’t have to trick chicks.  Since he has determined his destiny, knows what he wants, grabs it, takes life full on, he truly is a natural.

The Captain naturally stands out in the croud, because he knows he is the Captain, he’s developed the skill to get the job done. He also gets paid for those skills. Not to mention respect – respect for himself – respect for his plane – respect for his passengers – respect for his playmates.  Whoo yaah!

Do what it takes to be the Captain.   Start Right Now!

Mr Twenty Twenty
Take Control of Your Mind – Take Control of your Life – Approach Anyone – Magical Conversations – Apache Scout 2012

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