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Why the 80/20 rule is for wimps – and what you really should do with your time and life.

Most people aren’t lazy.   They just do what the masses do.  They work stupid and then burn out.  Please don’t be one of the asses that make up the masses.

On a related note, I do think that most people want to do less – less of what really doesn’t matter – and spend more time doing what gets results.

“Some people call it the 80/20 rule.  Eliminate the 80% that doesn’t matter, and that doesn’t support success and satisfaction (making money and making a difference) – and focus primarily on the 20% that does.”

Let’s take it one step further.  Add in the 20/20 rule and exponentially multiply your results.

“Out of that 20% that matters most, there is just 20% of THAT that REALLY ABSOLUTELY FREAKING MATTERS.   Focus YOUR LIFE entirely on THAT – and delegate – outsource – pay someone you trust to do the rest.”  – The Mr 20/20 rule.

That’s the Mr2020  rule in a nutshell.

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Think about it.  If you follow the 20/20 rule, you will eliminate 96% of the bs from your life, you will increase the amount of time and energy you have for what matters, and you won’t be like the masses.

The masses are either burned out or burning out.  The masses have to get drunk or drugged every night or sit watching mindless reruns to just get by.  Please don’t be one of the asses that make up the masses.

Anyway, do it.   Your life matters, it matters to me, it matters to your family, it matters to those who matter most.    And feel free to apply the  20/20 rule to the rest.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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