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Which one of the three are you? Do you have what it takes?

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Twenty Twenty

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October 23, 2007

Hey mate,

There are three ways to live.

You can have an excuse driven life. If you have an excuse driven life you can sit on the couch, drink beer, and feel okay. Because you have an excuse. Maybe someday you’ll get your lucky break.

A state driven life is pretty popular among young adults and teenagers. It’s the life of seeking the good feeling. If you are primarily state driven, you’ve become a junkie. You will take action, but you probably won’t get much of anything of value done.

“A Vision Driven Life is what will turn every aspect of your life around.”

Vision gives you identity. You know the kind of person you are becoming, and you aren’t stuck by who you have been.

Vision gives you power. You know what you are doing today to move you toward. You have the power in your hands, heart and mind.

Vision gives you purpose. You know how your actions impact others. The Elders taugtht me to consider how my life today would impact and bless the next 7 generations.

“There is no better feeling than knowing lives have dramatically improved because of you.”

Now here is the Tuesday Challenge. Who are you hanging around? Who are your friends? Who is your advisor in life?

Bring in some new juice, find someone to mentor you. Do some trainings, coachings, hang out with the big boys. Someday you will look back at the small price you’ve paid, and the live you will have lived will amaze even you.

Take action. Live a life that matters. You will be glad you did.

Mr Twenty Twenty Ex Hostage – Professional Visionary.


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