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Triple your income – Take the Quiz

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February 17, 2008

No bullshit. Let’s dive in.johnbelligo6.jpg

Are you ready to triple your income. Then take the quiz.

Discover exactly what you need to get visionary results.

I’ll warn you in advance….. Some people might find these live transforming questions offensive. I find they generate explosive results.

1. Do you have detailed dreams that you are taking action on, or are you dreaming up dumb shit to worry about? People who worry have lots of vague dreams. Notice this.

2. Do you notice the dumb shit people worry about and realize how dumb it is… or do you get caught up in the dumb shit too? Everyone can get caught in their friends dumb shit. The key is can you exit it, and maybe give them a helping hand up.

3. Do your actions today move you closer to your chosen lifestyle or are you getting by to go get drunk or high? Getting drunk and high actually is the chosen lifestyle for many people. Think about that!

4. Do you even have a chosen lifestyle to shoot for or are you settling for what you can reach today? If you settle for what you can reach for… well… read between the dots.

5. How will your life inspire your grandchildren? This one is a great indicator as to how much you will give and receive in life. I had a choice years ago. Do I sit on my arse and demonstrate that for my grandkids or live wildly and transform the lives of others. How does me being a giver, an explorer, a researcher inspire my grandkids. Let’s find out!

6. Are your goals inviting enough that I find myself taking action on them daily? Or is your goal to remember King of the Hill is on TV tonight. You can become the Captain of Your Life, but only if you give up on being King of the Hill.

7. Are you sick and tired of the whiners around you or do you fit in comfortably? I’m not even going to comment on this one. Much. Who you surround yourself with you will become like. Start making appointments and eating dinner with visionaries, notice how this changes your life. Period.

8. BE HONEST. How much LSD have you taken this week? LSD is Life Substitution Device. Count in radio, tv, stupid bar games. These are substitutes for you living, high score is low life.

9. Do you write out the bills and the worry list more than write out your goals and dreams? What you write about will show up more. Nuff said.

10. Gratitude. When was the last time you reached out with gratitude? Tell someone why you are grateful they are a part of your life. Write out why then tell them. Read to them what you wrote. This tiny little exercise will transform your life, and contribute to your income greatly.

So… Someone will wonder what does any of this have to do with tripling your income.

If you have to ask, you need to really evaluate your answers, and incorporate what you can learn from the questions into your life.

If you find yourself inspired by these questions, do a 10 week coaching program.

Your life will transform. These are just 10 questions. Imagine what 10 weeks of coaching, or even a single session could do for you.

Mr Twenty Twenty Ex Hostage – Professional Visionary

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