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Still getting “C” level results? Join the A team!

mastermindFrom The Antique Mahogany Desk
Of Mr Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

In just a moment I’m going to share with you an incredible coed study that will rock your world.

Last week when I scooted Carol away for 3 days to an undisclosed location, I read about a 7 year old study where they took college coeds, and gave them a 30 minute drill. For 30 minutes they were to write down everything they thought about or saw that began with the letter “C”.

They did this 30 minute, letter “C” drill just once.

And the results were collected. They were told that the point was to see how many you could generate in thirty minutes.

They were also told the winning results would be released in 7 days, and a prize given away.

7 days later, they had the coeds come together again, and what happened next will shock you. The study HAD NOTHING TO DO wtiht how many “C” words they could list in thirty minutes.

“When you hear the REAL point of the study, you’ll understand EXACTLY why I run my life like I do, and how we have generated the Explosive Growth in our business and personal lives in the past 24 months. Maybe you can do the same.”

You’ll have to listen to today’s wake up call, link below – to find out how it effected the lives of the coeds – for 60 days.

And keep in mind, if you use this tiny principle in your life….

The results could shock you!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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