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The Power of Partners

2020siteWant to succeed wildly?

Get a partner, form a mastermind, get a mentor.

Because, they can help you kick butt where you currently can’t. Let’s look at a few examples.

When working with a client, a partner can alternate who presents the information so that the client stays attentive.

When meeting either Miss Right or Miss Right Now a partner can help you not bumble so much, and can keep things going when you would normally go, “duh”.

And most importantly.

A partner can give you exposure where you normally don’t have much. I have to partner projects on the web. They are with my good friends and clients Daimond Dale Baird and Emmett Pennington. Everytime they sell their products, one of mine is included as a bonus. This helps them sell more, and exposes me to to more people.

Oh yeah, and a partner can keep you on track and accountable. When you are doing business, persuading or transforming your life, mind or body, a partner can give you a little nudge, a reminder, sometimes even some great guidance. It’s part of what I do as a Coach or Personal Advisor.

Add in our Radical work with NLP and…. Crass commercial over.

You know what to do.

Mr. Twenty Twenty

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