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How to Instantly Stop Stupid Self Talk – Apache Scout Mind Control 2012

Why do we listen to stupid talk AT ALL?

WHY?  Because we are trained to.

What is even worse is, we KEEP TRAINING ourselves to listen to it. (You will find out how you do that, and how to stop it immediately in the video below. Then in the audios, we amp it up even more. Goooood stuff!)

Stupid self talk – makes you stupid – costs you money – and sanity – and makes you BORING.

That’s why you want to STOP IT DEAD in it’s tracks now.

And you’ll discover why in just a few minutes why most people are almost completely powersless against their own STUPID SELF TALK.

Anyhoo… you are going to learn here a very simple procedure – and three solid gold approach patterns that many of our coaching clients find VERY POWERFUL – and fast. And I will guarantee you learned it here FIRST.



Most people say that we’ve got to “start on the inside” before change happens on the outside. In many areas of life, love, and happiness – that is absolutely true. Starting on the inside where you need to start on the inside is VITAL to your success, sanity and happiness. Like it’s like the inside is a screwdriver, that you use to turn the screw.

However… starting on the inside in this particular instance – and in a number of others – simply won’t work for most people. Think about it. And if you have ever tried to make your mind SHUT UP – you’ll notice sometimes it works – and but much of the time – it just starts up again – and often Stupid Self Talk can hypnotize you.

Here is what works, and why…..

Apache Scout Mind Control 2012 – How to Instantly Silence The Inner Mind Suck – Stop Leaking Energy All Over The Place – and Get Laser Sharp Clarity and Focus in Seconds – 90 minutes of solid gold mp3 audio for Just $27 – Regularly $79

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  1. James-Simon says:

    It seems quite often that people will sit and listen to others vent, out of confusion of being a “good friend”, or with the underline notion of “I can help them” not realizing the impact it can have on their own consciousness.

    This video is excellent for pointing that out with some great tips. Thanks 2020…

  2. Elle says:

    That’s amazing, so true
    I really enjoy all your recordings! Keep them coming!

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