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Simple and Easy Anchoring – Do it now!

Anchoring can be this simple, subtle and sneaky powerful.

Grandpa said to me, “Simply simplify what you are doing, and your results will double automatically!” It’s true, if you can make what you do easy and simple, you will tend to have a lot more fun, while getting the results you want. Let’s apply this to anchoring, Pennsylvania style.

1. Heads up! That’s right!

I have a really simple anchor, that I use all the time. I take the state that I like, which is usually a combination of fun, moving forward, curiosity, and playfulness, and I anchor that to my head tilting to the right. Let’s call that the yes, yes, God yes anchor.

2. Okay? What’s left?

The state I don’t want, usually something around bored, stuck, and know it all. That we anchor to the LEFT head tilt. This is the hum ho anchor.

3. Keep in mind this is totally invisible.

Most people don’t look like they are in deep trance when they are talking and listening. Their heads to move, and they sometimes move their hands, so now these head tilt anchors are totally invisible.

4. Start having fun.

Okay, elicit or notice the states you want to anchor, and anchor them. Now when the other person is talking, and you like where things are going, do the “yes, yes, God yes” right head tilt anchor. And while you are doing that go just a little into that state yourself. Going into the state is part of the anchor.

Next when the conversation or behavior is NOT what you want, use the LEFT TILT, “ho hum” anchor.

5. Just a little more anchoring fun.

With an entirely neutral subject, toss those two anchors around like candy at Halloween. And watch the circuits short. Have fun with this stuff and the world is yours.

PS:  Use ANY technology like this only for GOOD.   Improve peoples lives and help them set themselves FREE.   Good Karma rules.   So go generate some!

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Have FUN!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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