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Romantic movies, simplicity and trading forex profitably.

Something has to fill your imagination – so don’t let it be something that burns you out – like fear and instead make it something good – that  fires you up.

Case in point…

When you were a teenager, I bet you went to more than one romantic comedy when dating.   Why?  Because those movies feel good, and create good chemicals in your blood stream, and that leads to good decisions and good times LATER.   (Romantic comedies reduce the room for fear inside your mind, so the couple has much more fun.)

Having good chemicals in your blood stream, can help you make better decisions.   Crappy chemicals in your blood stream on the other hand…

So I was tired last night, and I should have watched a goodie movie – at least watched one inside my mind for a bit.   But I didn’t, and  the flames of fear took over for a bit, and my evening sucked when it came to forex trading. Normally I am on fire for taking excellent trades – for the sake of taking excellent trades. Excellence for the sake of excellence.

It’s easy to do with practice and training – if you are in a good state.  You do that by analyzing the charts, picking a point to enter, and exiting when the time is right.  Easy to do – when you keep your world SIMPLE. When the flames of fear took over, things inside my mind got complicated.  (Bad chemicals do that to the human mind.)  I stopped analyzing the charts – noticing the real world, then dumped a trade that would have gone REALLY WELL, and started fearing what people would think, and I started wondering what would happen if I didn’t make my point quota for the week. About an hour of insanity followed, costing me a few dollars in the end – costing me big time emotionally at the time.

SIMPLE OR COMPLEX – You pick what kind of life you want – by determining what KIND of focus you have..

The world is simple and easy to manage when the ONLY things inside your mind are: IDENTIFY MY OBJECTIVE (take 5 points from the market), and ACT on that objective in a timely manner.  On the other hand, your inner world becomes MUCH MORE COMPLEX when you get ATTACHED TO OUTCOME and let the flames of fear run your imagination. “What will people think, what might happen if… that kind of crap.”

ATTACHMENT TO OUTCOME  = what will happen LATER if….

THE MIND MASTERKEY:  The master key to having both SUCCESS AND SANITY is you remain true to your OBJECTIVE only – and not get attached to outcome.

OBJECTIVE:  Take the trade – for the sake of taking the trade. Write the article for the sake of writing the article. Hold her hand, for the sake of holding her hand.

So what do you do – once you have a meltdown – because you got attached to outcome?

Let’s take control of our mind, using a few simple steps.   (Feel free to print these out.)

So first, I took about an hour this morning, and started imagining conversations that IMPLY that I have been doing EXCEPTIONALLY well trading – with my simple system again. You do that first, because it’s a fact – you imagine conversations inside your mind all the time – and often they are about what people might think. Might as well use that cultural habit to create conversations inside your mind that create a PHYSIOLOGICAL STATE that puts good chemicals in your blood stream.  Good chemicals in blood stream = good decisions.

That’s one reason why couples go to romantic – comedy movies together. Think about it.  The MOVIES inside the THEATER of your mind, create the state.


You respond greatly to what you imagine, we all do. So start imagining more GOOD STUFF, and less bad stuff. I imagine the HIGH FIVE that follows me taking an excellent trade. (I eliminate ALL crappy conversations inside my mind – that are related to taking bad trades, because they make me feel bad – and feeling bad puts goofy chemicals in your blood stream, which leads to bad decisions.)

THEN, I imagine what GOOD TRADES look like, what their entry looks like, what their exit looks like. DETAILS MATTER.  Because when you can clearly imagine what a good entry and exit look like – you will recognize them in real life. Sort of like being able to imagine what your Mom looks like, that makes it easy to identify her in a crowd – and say hello when you see her.

How can you apply these insights into your life?  (I healed myself of PTSD doing stuff like this.   And I have built business doing the same thing.  Imagining DETAILS will change your life.)

I ALSO IMAGINE other areas of my life – being so full of excellence – that people can’t help but talk about them. Good gossip. We need more of that in the world. (Click one of the share buttons below if you agree, and want to Good Gossip this article around for other people to benefit from. We all win from that.

And I imagine THIS ARTICLE benefiting you. So I take the time to do an excellent job writing it. Let me know what you think, the best way to do that is GOOD GOSSIP, and maybe a comment below.

Have a great day by getting focused and clear on the inside.  Do it now.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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1. Stay true to your objective only. Let go of all attachment to outcome. Objective is about the power of NOW.
2. Use your imagination to control your state – or it will control you.
3. Simplify your inner world. Nuff said.

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