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Rodney King knows why you are messed up!


Like Rodney King you got jammed up. You got jammed up because of “the rules”.

Notice the theme in this fascinating story.

I was in an NLP / Persuasion seminar a short time ago in Arizona. Two fellas were working on a technique with each other. One guy askes, “How did it work?”

They were looking for change based in technique. Think about this buckwheat. This assumes the technique is more powerful than you. It also assumes if you are strong or fast enough or messed up enough the technique won’t work.

What a dismal future, no matter which one you chooose.  Or your trainer chooses. 

That’s what god Rodney King beat. There were too many rules that prevented the officers from just grabbing him and taking him into custody. They had techniques that they had to do, pretty much in a very specific order. Those techniques were supposed to be more powerful than the human they were trying to “change”, Rodney.

Now… your NLP or persuasion can be based in technique, which means you have to perfect your “technique” or hope it works. Or…

Ready for some breathtaking news…

Your NLP / Persuasion can become more YOU and POTENTIAL oriented. Which means you use tiny bits of NLP to discover more about you. Then YOU actually get to discover your own POWER AND GROW INTO IT.

That’s what is proven to happen when people do what we do. It’s documented in the emails of my folks in the Science Of Excellence list we have on Yahoo.

Real people, doing real things, getting real results. Not because of them doing TECHNIQUES to each other. They get results by growing with NLP.

So that’s your choice. Technique Rodney King based living. Or you actually GETTING IT.

Email me to start some phone coaching and get with the program. It’s just $100 for 4 phone sessions and it will rock your world, even if you don’t learn any new “techniques”.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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