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Ready for Lasting Success and Happiness – Explore the world of process!

Mr Twenty Twenty Mr Twenty Twenty at the Unseminar 4 - Un Seminar 4Hey mate,

Attention all Internet Want to Be’s!

For those of you who are ready for real and lasting success, happiness and inner peace…

I am developing an “Inner” course for internet business owners. It’s gonna Rock!

Even if you aren’t on the net, you too might just find this transforming.

Read on, Because I am going to give you 2 FREE ways to Maximize your odds for radical success. And I’m going to toot my own horn. Read on and enjoy!

Let me ask you a question….

Why are so many people out there lost? Unable to take action? Still not succeeding like they want?

“Because if you take 100 people who want to start an internet business, 80 of them won’t do a damn thing to make it happen. That leaves 20 people who will take action.”

Of those 20 who get off their duff, order something, take a seminar, take some kind of action, 16 will still crash and burn. Not because they don’t know what to do…

The 16 who crash and burn will fail because they never learned PRECISELY HOW to think like the hyper successful folks do.

“That leaves 4 lucky folks who succeed. Will you be one of them? What can you do to stack the deck substantially in your favor?”

To stack the deck, you need THREE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS inside your mind – without these you will not succeed on the net.

Those three elements are the “What”, the “Mindset”, and “Inner Process” – the HOW you think – All three need to become optimized for success.

HOW you think is the BIG key here.

“HOW you think has nothing to do with a positive or negative attitude. It has nothing to do with what you are reading or watching on television.”

Introducing The Essential Elements.

The first essential element for success is WHAT. What you think about is the most obvious element you need to adjust for success. A friend of mine loves fixing cars. He makes his money working as a mechanic. And he owns more cars now, than I have since I started driving. His girlfriend says, “All Bobby thinks about is cars.” It’s true, you should see he book and magazine collection. All cars. Cars are Bobby’s what. If you are going to succeed on the internet, make sure you have lots of internet “what” in your life, on your bookshelf, in your head.


The next Essential Element for success we have Mindset. All successful Interntet Mogul’s have a specific kind of Mindset. Mindset is about how you relate, your attitude toward something. Bobby has an amazing mindset when it comes to cars. Bobby sees a car as an opportunity. He’s like a detective. He enjoys getting greasy, and discovering not only how to fix a car, but make it even better than it ever was before.

Bobby’s mindset is very different than the teenage girl who just got her first car, who’s life revolves around how the car makes her more sociable. When her car broke down, she was devastated. Bobby was excited, because he knew he could fix her classic 442 Oldsmobile and make it something really special.

The FINAL and The Most POWERFUL Essential Element for success is the Invisible realm of Process – The EXACT HOW – you think.

“Process is the realm where a well trained NLP expert (or my medicine man friends) notice exactly the process that generates your Mindset and your Thoughts.”

Think about it. Something, a process, generates those thoughts you think day in and day out. This same process generates the attitude you have toward life, work, cars, the internet, even teenage girls. Hmm.

“Process is the HUGE KEY. If you optimize your thinking process this, you will move to the 4 percent who can’t help but succeed.”

First the “bad news”.

You can’t notice your own process. You are like the rest of the human race, stuck in the “what” of your thinking. It’s almost impossible to notice the exact “how” like a NLP professional does.

And since you can’t accurately notice your own process, you can’t DIRECTLY optimize your own process. The key word here is directly.

And for the Great news! You can start optimizing your Inner Process for Success today!

Your process can GROW in Power if you Mastermind. Form a FORMAL mastermind. This will be worth it’s weight in Gold, if you take the time and do this right. Mastermind with those who are driven to succeed, and driven to help others succeed.

Your process can GROW in Depth if you start choosing powerful and giving friends. Your mastermind group is your mastermind group, lets assume it meets once a week. Outside of that group, you will be heavily influence by those who you hang out with. So choose wisely.

Your process can TRANSFORM even more amazingly if you take the time to work with a professional who is trained in process, like the old medicine men, and the old time NLP guys.

Obviously, I’m referring to me…. Shameless Self Promotion. (Schedule some coaching for January.) And also, every successful and giving internet guy I know does this too. Because if what you are doing is transforming lives, you better toot your own horn. Nuff said.

Okay, 2 out of 3 are free, and something you can work with today.

It’s your turn! And make sure you listen in on the wake up call too!

Mr Twenty Twenty The Ex Hostage – Professional Visionary

Formerly known as Mr Twenty Twenty

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