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Here’s the good news. It just might shake you up, so hold on.

“Nothing is your fault, everything the fault of incomplete faulty programming. (Just try this on, and also notice why you probably resist this thought, even though it is possibly the most liberating thought you have ever heard.)”

Because when it all comes down to it, programming it began as a child. The mind has been getting programmed, and the body conditioned, ever since you took your first breath. Maybe earlier.   All without permission, consent, resistance.

Those only came up later, after sufficient programming and conditioning about “permission, consent and resistance”.

“So quit beating yourself up over stuff your programming has done.”

Because if you have learned ANYTHING so far it is this:

The programming is constantly being updated. The question I have about the programming is this:

“Is the programming being updated and UPGRADED as well?”

You’ll know if the programming is being upgraded, if you start beating yourself up less, and simply being yourself more.

You’ll know if the programming is being upgraded, if your life simply grows and evolves in a more positive, able and giving direction.

You’ll know if the programming is being upgraded, if you let go of the indulgences of guilt and pride, and simple allow yourself to act as greatly as you possibly can.

Because once you stop, and notice, that programming has run your entire life, you start to get beyond “the program” and start being able to give and be given to.

If you enjoy my words, you’ll enjoy my recordings or working with me live.

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