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NLP of Money

Your money worries vaporize into thin air, once your money mind understands…

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[wp-fontastic type=”fontface” name=”Capture_it_Regular” size=”24px” lh=”30px” color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#ffffff”]Why does money ALWAYS SHRINK when you focus on it?[/wp-fontastic]

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“If you want to make 2, or 10 or 100 times more – starting right now, you have to build into your money mind this CORE CONCEPT FIRST.  – Money ALWAYS shrinks – when you focus on it.  – That is an obvious secret that every wealthy person we have modelled knows, and every struggling person we have met – doesn’t fully get at the level that matters.”

“Right now, you are setting the stage for VERY POWERFUL shifts.  And once you TRULY GET all the levels of that core concept – your limitations around MONEY will begin to evaporate into thin air. Because…”

[wp-fontastic type=”fontface” name=”Capture_it_Regular” size=”24px” lh=”30px” color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#ffffff”]Money ALWAYS SHRINKS when you focus on it. [/wp-fontastic]

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Look at it this way… Joe Sugarman – “The Blu Blocker Billioniare” helped me wake up to this fact over coffee at lunch several years ago ,in Austin Texas.  He has made fortunes and blessed countless lives by living by what we share on this ONE KEY INSIGHT, because it works.   The first level is this, “If you want to make lots more money, consider this mate….  Money has no REAL VALUE,  money just represents value.  So shift your attention to what money represents – and what gets in the way of that – begins to shift.

That’s why when you focus on ANYTHING BUT MONEY – it EXPANDS.  But when you focus on MONEY –  it DISAPPEARS  (So we asked him, and a few other truly wealthy mentors – what do we focus on INSTEAD?

Once you get that straight in your money mind AND take it to heart like we show you how, you’ll start enjoying money much more – maybe quite a bit more – and you will stop MAKING it slip through your fingers.
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[wp-fontastic type=”fontface” name=”Capture_it_Regular” size=”24px” lh=”30px” color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#ffffff”]MAJOR RELEASE!  OVER 12 SOLID GOLD RECORDINGS![/wp-fontastic]

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The NLP of Money Project started with A VERY SIMPLE CONCEPT – SHIFTING HOW YOU FOCUS – ON MONEY – so that we experience more wealth, make more money, have more peace of mind around it.  We made 12 recordings, based on InnerCircleProducts listmembers requests and issues around money – and modelled some of the most wealthy people we could find to solve them.   Not just rich people, psychologically well adjusted rich people.   (That’s part of the difference between just having money and having satisfaction in life.)

[wp-fontastic type=”fontface” name=”Capture_it_Regular” size=”24px” lh=”30px” color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#ffffff”]How to tell if you are ready for this course:[/wp-fontastic]

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  • Are DRIVING YOURSELF CRAZY about money and finances – even just a little bit too much?
  • Do you try to put yourself into a state of money denial?
  • Are you worried about wealth?
  • Have you tried and failed before to change deep hidden beliefs around money? (There is a much more elegant approach. You’ll learn it here – first.)
  • Have you thought or suspected that the money model you grew up with just might be a little “off” and that there is a better way?

Then get this series of recordings by professional trainer and modeller Mr Twenty Twenty.  (If you love his smaller packages, and his super singles recordings, then this KING SIZE one will BLOW you away!)

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This course will NOT make you a millioniare in 30 days or less or double your money back.   When people promise you stuff like that RUN!  (On the other hand, THE NLP OF MONEY will help you be much more aware of THE REAL HIDDEN PROGRAMMING that has held you back, and it will help you do what it takes INTERNALLY so you can FINALLY get over it and get ROCKIN and ROLLING.

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The NLP of Money Crash Course will not totally rewire your mind – reprogram your subconscious – give you all the keys to the kingdom…. (I’m tired of those silly promises too… how about you?)  However, you will explore with us,in a MAJOR REALITY CHECK kind of way, what you really need to get to the next level.  To dial it up a level higher.   

[wp-fontastic type=”fontface” name=”Capture_it_Regular” size=”24px” lh=”30px” color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#ffffff”]So click the button, do the deed, take action, flex your mind muscles and get the NLP of Money Crash Course TODAY![/wp-fontastic]

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Whoo yah! (Very special offer below.)

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: The choice is simple.  Either you take no action – and hope for a change.  You keep searching for magic beans and beanstalks.  Or you dive into something that is real world.   Read that first quote again of Sugarman’s above.  Consider it for just a moment.   And realize if you don’t take a realistic – honest – effective and proven approach like this today – what will your tomorrow / what will your next year be like? More of the same old reruns I bet. And note, we will email you a link PERSONALLY with download instructions for this amazing package, and more insights that MATTER BIG TIME..

It’s time! Go for it!

Mr Twenty Twenty

Click to Order - Special Pricing

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This new set of audios by Mr Twenty TwentyTwenty is some of his best work. The concept of leverage comes to mind because you get to utilize the power of micro-shifts in your perspective and approach which lead to massive changes in productivity and peace of mind when it comes to making money. This is not the traditional NLP you will find in any book. What you are getting are very unique applications developed by Twenty. I find his approach to be very applicable to a wide range of issues. Another great thing about these recordings is that they are multi-layered and so you can go on finding useful bits to apply every time you listen! You’re getting a great value on your money here. – Steve  (Email on file.)

“…Instead of just stating “this is what needs to be done to achieve such and such” He gives you chat and stories and stuff that you can relate to in your life. Even if you have heard the words before he somehow makes it understandable. Dorothy. NZ”  (Email on File.)

Click to Order - Special Pricing

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Mr Twenty Twenty - "The Weird Obtuse NLP Guru". His adventure in NLP began as a Police Interrogator back in 1988. As a prison guard, taken hostage in the Camp Hill Prison Riots in 1989, diagnosed with PTSD, he immersed himself into NLP, Native Wisdom Healing - Shamanic training, and Wilderness Survival - to heal himself of the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - effectively taking his life back and becoming a world known authority. His advancements in Subjective Modeling, and using NLP to "undesign" your brain and how to use NLP to...

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  1. Rick says:

    If I can say a couple quick things here… Twenty offers wonderful programs and value! I have taken a number of Twenty Twenty’s programs and they are indeed wonderful. I know people are busy so I will keep it short… If you want to notice oppertunities in your life try one of Twenty’s wonderful packages.

  2. Dorothy says:

    Hi Twenty, Am pondering over the information in the 6 recordings, have found them though provoking and stirred me up to new ways of thinking. I am SO interested in this project and the statement that Money has no Value….. What you focus on is what you get. My blinding flash some weeks ago was “Focus on what your desire – not on what you need.” I now realise that is the same statement . Are you saying that only things with some value get multiplied? I also would like some more explanation on how you can have great success with some part of your life and miss with another. For example I am in very good health, always expect to be, and praise and thank my body for being this way, I do everything I can to keep it that way with food and exercise etc. My relationships are in pretty good order too, always being worked on, but when it comes to money it is a different story. Neville’s writings have helped me totally change my beliefs but i still seem to be missing a piece of it. I don’t expect multi millions but I do want to experience a life of making decisions based on what I want rather than financial considerations. I want financial prosperity. There are so many wonderful things that are readily available in this world and financial prosperity opens the door to them. That is the door I am looking to open.

  3. Dorothy says:

    From the last couple of days of intense observation at how I react to happenings, just regular day to day things and I am shocked and jolted by my instant and automatic reaction, and I thought I had been working on myself and had changed my beliefs and in some instances i had, but still persists that basic core inner state. Kerpow, it comes out with lightning speed, but I’m slowing things down and noticing and changing my reaction. the words you used “what am I welcoming into my life, what am I heading towards’ would you talk more about this as I found it opened up a whole new dimension for me. I almost gasped at your statement that we introduce stress and problems simply because our minds love finding solutions to do stuff and get passionate about. Explain please, I thought I had been passionate about so many things in my life, how does that tie in with pressure, and I know that where you resist persists but is that the same as applying pressure, is pressure resistance and if so what to do about it? Give your mind instructions, write it out you say. Ha! I’ve got notebooks full of instructions to my mind,/Innerself some things have happened but not with mind blowing regularity as Neville seems to have achieved. Now having written this and reread it I have a faint little glimmers that says. Yes but in the writing have I been focused on what I didn’t have or have I been passionately welcoming to what I do want./desire That is the million dollar question. Back to the research.
    Here is one of my beliefs coming up for me right now, I should delete this instead of send in case I’m thought a fool for asking such questions. So being gentle with myself, thankyou for the coaching , who give a fiddlers ….what anyone thinks. I’ll push submit..

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