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NLP Calibration Skills and Techniques – The Truth

NLP Calibration – It’s not the most “sexy” skill, maybe that’s why most trainers just don’t even teach it all that well. Here is the best way to improve your nlp (calibration) skills at home, between trainings.

Just ask yourself one question:

“What is the result I am getting – with this communication?”

Really, that’s all you should be doing, unless you are with a trainer.  Just noticing the results you are getting – and not being in fantasy land THINKING they are responding to your every word – suggestion – implant.

“Noticing – not THINKING is the key to taking your nlp calibration skills to the next level, and beyond.”

How do you tell if a NLP trainer is teaching you well when it comes to NLP calibration?

Simple.  A good trainer will keep reminding you to NOTICE what is going on, how the “client” is responding to their suggestions and work.   They will point out details that you are probably missing, and give you plenty of time to notice on your own.

That’s it!  No big mystery when it comes to NLP, calibration, and taking your skills to the red line!

Now get something worth getting and change your world!

Whoo Yah!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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