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Money Magnetizing Questions – The Power of Questions – Part 4

“How can I double my income – and work half as many hours?”

Notice how this tiny question – does three things. Work with it, and notice how it WILL transform your life – and lifestyle.

First, it gets keeps you OUT OF THE BOX. Box = casket.

“You can double your income – just work overtime. This question ELIMINATES KILLING YOURSELF as an option.”

Second, it gets you thinking about YOUR LIFE – not just your money.

“It’s not MONEY you want. What your BRAIN understands is FREEDOM, ENERGY, CLARITY, OPTIONS. Since LIFE is TIME, this question makes you come more alive – and keeps you from getting stuck on the THING of money.”

Third, it activates the TWO – double up – power in your mind.

“Your MIND understands TWO very well. Think two eyes, two ears, two hands, two nostrils, two arms. And so on. Notice how people HESITATE – even if it’s just a little – if they see someone who is MISSING ONE of the PAIR.”

Your mind is NATURALLY ATTRACTED to and opens up to “two”. Your mind naturally thinks in “two”. Night / day. Morning / evening. Right / left.

For some reason – two works. So does doubling income, or sales, or calls, or clients. So does cutting in HALF the amount of time it takes to do it.

But don’t take my word for it. Print out this article – try it on. Use the questions.

Double up your results. And do it in half the time.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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