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Laser like NLP

Think power. Shotgun or Laser?

The choice is simple, at least for me, yet most Neuro Linguistic Progamming folk don’t seem to get it. Not only is this a life or death issue, but a quality of life one as well.

T.P.I. Training – Practice – Integration.

Most people want to work way to hard at NLP. Consequently they tend to build work into every skill and model they develop. We use the approach above, TPI to ensure that you get the results you deserve, and maximize the return on every investment you make. For example during our private trainings, we spend a lot of time in casual conversation discovering what skills you have, and where you could use a tune up. That “conversational interview”, forms the basis of all the “training” we share while you are here in Pennsylvania.

Next, we go out and play. Enjoying time at the mall, local resorts, and festivals where we play with the skills, then discuss what happened while we played. And then we play some more. That’s the practice part. Play with the skills, don’t ever work at them. Just play and notice the results you get.

12 hours a day?.

A chap called me to ask how many hours we train a day during private trainings. He’s considering coming here in January. When I told him on the average it’s about 6 or 7 hours a day, he asked if we could train for 12 hours a day, so he would get his money’s worth. WOW!

I told him, no. Plain and simple. To get the most out of your training, there is a ratio we’ve noticed that just seems to work well. Learn something new. That’s about 10 percent. Play, that’s about 40 percent. And integrate. That’s a full 50%!

Why don’t most NLPtrainings don’t have integration time… and why don’t most people never ever get really good at this? Think about it!

You need to learn something from a pro who can do it. That’s plain and simple. You need to play with it, so we can discover IF you learned the skill well. Makes sense right? You also need to let the skill integrate into YOU, so it’s not something you do, it becomes literally like it’s something that you are.

During private trainings, I tell people, take it easy tonight. Just observe. Go get a meal. Watch some people, better yet a movie. Don’t play. Let your skills soak into you, so they become you.

This is the secret of laser like NLP. Laser light doesn’t know it’s laser light, it just knows that it “is”. Allow your skills to sink in, AFTER you have been guided by a pro. As the pro helps you get them perfect, allow them to simply sink in. I tell most of my phone coaching clients to play with just one bit of homework per week. And NOTICE what shows up. Often the homework they did a few weeks earlier shows up as an unconscious skill, or something that becomes very easy for them to do… because they didn’t blast away at it, like a shotgun.

Discover your nature as “light”. Laser light, and enjoy the show! Your comments are welcome.

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