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The Power of Questions

Do you know there are only two kinds of questions you can ask?johnwalk

One kind of question will only generate Answers. Answers only will put you in a rut, and then take you to your grave. I’ll skip that kind for now…

The other kind of question will liberate you, in just 2 or three questions because the right kind of question generates Action.

Here are two of my favorite ACTION quesions. Notice how we use them quickly.

“What’s working?” Ask yourself, what’s working? What’s working right in life? This isn’t hard, just notice and SAY OUTLOUD what’s working.

You may want to write it out so you can SEE IT too.


“What’s missing?” What is MISSING in your life, in your plan, in your activity?

“What’s missing?”

Compare this to… what’s wrong? What’s wrong gernerates an answer that does not move you forward.

What’s missing implies that there is a piece that will complete what you’ve got “almost going on”.

Play with this, what’s missing.

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