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How To Really Solve Your Problems

His request was, “Can you help me with a NLP technique to appear more confident at work?”

What would YOU say, given what you know.


My reply:

Hey mate,


Your request reveals EXACTLY what the problem is. When your are focused on appearances, you can’t possibly be fully involved with living in the moment and having the impact they choose to have in the world.

You only have so much ATTENTION. Putting it on “what you THINK others think” – appearances – divides your ATTENTION, and substantially reduces your power. Just do this, move your attention to the impact, results you choose to have in the world, NOW.

No need for ANY technique. NLP Treatment and techniques for appearing or feeling confident are two approaches that will only complicate your world even more, because if you focus on techniques, then you will be splitting your attention further.   You will be more confident, comfortable and effective – by simply realizing that this is an attention problem – and learning how move your attention to the present moment – and focus it on the impact you want in the world.

Mr Twenty Twent

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