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How to FINALLY get what you REALLY Want!

How to FINALLY get what you really want!

by: Mr Twenty Twenty

I just got off the phone with a potential client, who just isn’t worth the work. Sometimes you can’t pay me $1500 an hour to work with CERTAIN PEOPLE!

Mark told me he is agoraphobic, in other words he has this thing called “agoraphobia” that totally rules his life. And he is certain that it can’t be helped. Yet he is calling me.

So I asked, him, “Mark what do you want?” He tells me he doesn’t want agoraphobia. He tells me that he doesn’t want to stay at home and panic all day. He tells me how this has ruined his life. He tells me how he get’s Social Security because he can’t get a job. He tells me….

Mark tells me EVERYTHING, except what he WANTS!

If you can’t tell me WHAT YOU WANT… then how am I supposed to get you closer to it?

In our use of NLP, we help clients move closer to what they want, by first helping them realize how they have NOT clearly defined that. Especially in behavior. Why is that important?

If your “wants” are in the form of things, you will forever be wasting energy. If you discover the behaviors that will certainly take you closer to what you want, and incorporate them into your life, then you will get closer to that new car, financial freedom, getting the girl and whatever else you WANT, but only if you start there.

Try this, just ask any ten people you know, what they want… and notice what they tell you. Or better yet, next time someone comes up to you and wants to talk, GUESS WHAT they want, and notice if they have a detailed representation of what that is.

How can I help you get what you want? All of our products at my web page below help this to occur. If you have any questions, just email me with WHAT YOU WANT, and I’ll be glad to be of service. Enjoy!

Mr Twenty Twenty

Just Kick Ass Coaching

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