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How to create confidence that is permanent in just 3 easy steps

“How can I use NLP to create confidence that is permanent in just 3 easy steps?”

That’s what my newest coaching client this past week wanted. As usual, I didn’t deliver – I over delivered.

“Bobby” wanted to build a confident state that lasted forever. Sounds like a penis pill ad. You know the one, “After taking PENIS PILL, if you experience an erection that lasts more than 4 hours, seek medical attention”. Yeah, right. Sounds more like a dream from most peoples way of thinking.

Anyhoo… “confidence that is permanent” is just as crazy.

Because I want the wife beater, and the drug user and ANYONE who is making a decision – that isn’t good for them or those around them – to not feel confidence that is permanent.

What I want them to have, and what I want you to have is NATURAL CONFIDENCE:

“I want you to have – I will train you to get – confidence that is NATURAL – confidence that helps you make good decisions – and I want you to have doubt – or something similar – when that is useful too.”

I want you to LEARN HOW to doubt your limitations. (Instead of having confidence in them.)

I want you to have doubt about how alone or isolated you feel. (So you can notice how many people really love you and how many people really want to connect with you.)

I want you to doubt all that you have been told about you, the world, and what is possible. I want you doubt all that YOU THINK – so that you notice the real world of POTENTIAL more – and the people in it – so you connect with them – and your real dreams and visions – NATURALLY with NATURAL CONFIDENCE.

I am naturally confident that some folks will read this – and miss the point entirely. I am naturally confident that others will realize that I am speaking from over 20 years of hard earned experience – thousands of training and coaching hours – and a state of power and love.

Wanting you to bring your power home – wanting you to discover how present and powerful you are – wanting you to be more than you can imagine – by discovering how great you really are.

Naturally. Confident.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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PS: Some simple steps to follow – we explored in coaching.

1. Notice how you build in DOUBT where it isn’t useful. Once you notice how – stopping the DOUBT building process becomes natural.

2. Notice THE BENEFIT that building in DOUBT has. Yes it has a benefit, and NO it’s almost NEVER what you THINK it is. Notice. Don’t THINK.

3. Notice (in coaching we did this) when CONFIDENCE comes naturally – and when it comes naturally when it is USEFUL. Sometimes CONFIDENCE shows up to HOLD YOU BACK. That’s why so many people secretly and sometimes OBVIOUSLY enjoy being stuck, mediocre or in a rut.

And a simple exercise to do….

Email me at – Ask me for a simple exercise to do that fits in with this article – AFTER sharing with me just 7 sentences about YOU. I double dog dare ya! Whooo yah!

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