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Henry Ford and the Foundation of NLP

Henry Ford and the Foundation of NLP

by: Mr Twenty Twenty

Henry Ford was definitely the REAL founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming. I know, Richard Bandler and friends get all the credit… but read on… I’m sure you’ll get my drift.

Henry Ford got people to be immediately successful, doing what no man had done before. And he did it, easily, quickly and with people standing in line to work with him.

Now Ford realized that if he was going to produce cars, he had two options. Have small teams of about 4 men work on the SAME CAR from start to finish… which would take very HIGHLY SKILLED LABOR… and would result in not that many cars being produced each year…

Or he could build cars, NLP style.

Now Ford was a smart feller, and he not only paid his men well, he gave them a simple repetitive job to do. Notice this… He didn’t scare them into working…. he bought them. Then he gave them something simple to do, over and over and over again.

Now people come to me, and train with their NLP and persuasion skills for just two reasons….

Either they cant STOP. Or they can’t START.

In just a minute you’ll see how Ford fits in, and your life will be much better for that, I guarantee it.

CAN’T STOP types include drug addictions, over eating, over drinking, worrying and so on.

CAN’T START types are like those folks who keep procrastinating, can’t get started on their diet, or get motivated to get off their lazy behinds.

Either way, you fell got hooked into the Henry Ford pattern. What’s that?

Henry Ford had a great idea, find something that works, keep doing it. Get paid. And we generalized that specific idea – through our entire lives.

If we found not stopping to play when we cleaned our room got us a cookie… we started not stopping EVERYTHING. We became a CAN’T stopper!

If we discovered not starting to play when cleaning our room, got it done, and earned us a cookie, we became CAN’T starters!

Read them again, they are just a LITTLE tricky. It’s like either going to the mall, or stopping at the mall. It’s all about HOW we FOCUS.

What we need is a balance of BOTH. And the ability to easily move between them. Can this “mind science madness” help with that? There is only one way to find out!

Send me your comments about this article and your requests at Enjoy and thanks for reading.

And by the way, like Henry Ford, we all do something, like stop or start, then when we notice the reward… and we GENERALIZE IT. Let’s shoot for balance, and enjoy the ride. Want tips on how to do this? Email us or join or YAHOO GROUP (on the home page) today!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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