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Head Snap Instant Hypnosis Induction

Head Snap Instant Hypnosis Induction

by: Mr Twenty Twenty

You are going to learn how to induce REAL covert trance and hypnotic states.  But first, let’s get this straight, and get real.

The Head Snap induction is one of those really scary things misinformed experts call “hypnosis phenomenon”. Recently I ordered a DVD from a chap over in England which demonstrated about a dozen or so of what he called INSTANT INDUCTIONS. What I saw, actually disturbed me. So I shared it with my Monday evening group class.

The very first “induction”, which he called something sounding like THE SPEED HYPNOSIS INDUCTION. He had this poor bloke staring up at a light in the ceiling while the so called hypnotist walked around him, talking, and suddenly the hypnotist grabbed the other guy from behind – kinking his brain stem and pulled him to the ground.

[wp-fontastic type=”fontface” name=”Capture_it_Regular” size=”28px” lh=”30px” color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#FFFFFF”]”That’s NOT hypnosis.  That’s sentry removal and how to kill anyone in just a split second” [/wp-fontastic]

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This is almost exactly how I taught a bodyguard in the State department to KILL anyone, instantly, almost 20 years ago. The only difference is that the hypnotist in question tells his guy to sleep, while we just snapped their neck on the way down.

[wp-fontastic type=”fontface” name=”Capture_it_Regular” size=”28px” lh=”30px” color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#FFFA40″]Keep in mind kinking the brainstem can be extremely dangerous AND IT IS NOT HYPNOSIS! [/wp-fontastic]

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Anytime the brain stem is kinked, cells in the brain stem die. Yes, when the brain stem is kinked, the blood pressure drops, and as the blood pressure drops you ARE more suggestible, but hell there has to be a much better way to do instant inductions.

(Think learn how to SPLIT ATTENTION, use tonality, and of course embedded commands.)

The REAL handshake induction, rarely results in ACTUAL TRANCE, for many who learn it incompletely, think it is a trick, or don’t put in the time to PRACTICE.

Remember though, DEEP TRANCE is NOT all that important to get results. Sure it’s fun, ask Mike who is on our Hand Shake Induction dvd package. I put him in deep trance several dozen times during that video course. Real Handshake Inductions

The handshake interrupt technique that we share, like Milton Erickson’s, is very safe, because it is based on pattern interrupting, and the results mild to deep trance instantly. You can use it to install desirable states, disrupt destructive behavior, and generally have lots of mischief and fun.

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Remember though, as with any pattern interrupt, you can only lead people where you can go. I actually go into a nice trance state with Mike as we do the technique on DVD. He has no choice but to go there. If you want to take people deeper, make sure you can go deep yourself. That’s why most people can’t get deep trance, with a handshake induction.

Back to that dangerous hypnotist.

Here I sit, almost in shock, still watching his video. He is good at deepening states, and a great showman. Yet most of the inductions he is doing are outright dangerous. If you want to learn more about how to knock people out with brain stem kinking, for self defense go to ASSKICKING 101

[wp-fontastic type=”fontface” name=”Capture_it_Regular” size=”28px” lh=”30px” color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#FFFA40″]If you want to learn the real handshake induction…[/wp-fontastic]


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