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The trail you leave behind. The power of nlp.

Your friends…

They can have a huge impact on your life. Just like your skills in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

That’s why we are here. We restarted our Science of Excellence Yahoo group up some time ago to enhance and build friendships. Because your NLP, covert persuasion, and other sneaky skills will either become about “techniques”…. which people call and tell me about all the time…

Or your NLP will become about PEOPLE and the bread crumbs they leave behind.

From the trail we leave behind, we can often tell where we are going. In scout and tracking workshops, we would study not only the trail (big chunk) that people or animals leave behind… we would also study small parts of INDIVIDUAL tracks… to see what they were aware of, what condition they are in, what their focus is, how tired they are… how full or how empty… their lives are.

All from tracks… It’s really not that hard… once you’ve been trained and put your learning time in.

It seems like the old apache scouts, including our mate in New Jersey Tom Brown, who runs the world famous tracking school, may have been onto something.

So your friends, are they helping you with your discovery of what’s possible for YOU… or are they holding you back.

Part of what we do here, is help our friends, clients, and support staff discover what’s possible. And we grow together. Simply put, if your life becomes better in many ways from playing with us, and our materials… then the world becomes a better place… and the since the world contributes to us…

Choose who you spend your time with wisely…

Anyone can make more money…

Show me someone who can make more time.

Mr. Twenty Twenty

The covert remote influence techniques of the Apache Scout Elite! Seek the Way of The Scout!

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