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How to become a fake psychic in 45 seconds!

How to expose a fake psychic or become one in just 45 seconds!

You can be a fake psychic in just 3 easy steps using your NLP skills.

The Fake Psychic Crash course begins with a model similar to the classic Neuro Linguistic Programming approach, called the Milton Model.  You will find out EXACTLY how powerful this kind of language is – how fake psychics steal your money – and how to impress ANYONE INSTANTLY with your fake psychic skills – in the next few paragraphs.  Whooo yah!

Today we are going to demonstrate how to say “nothing” while sounding really specific and relevant.  My fake psychic and medium girlfriends often talk like this.  It’s entertaining to watch, and really fun to expose.

This is just one of 23 ways the fake psychic works.  You can learn all of the methods in the privacy of your own home.  You can obviously use them EVERYWHERE.

Let us begin….

“There is an issue with a man.”

Sounds fair enough?  We all know men, but what if that isn’t the case, what if there is no issue with a man.

“It feels more like a masculine energy…”

Now were getting somewhere.  Still waiting though for those “yes, yes, God yes” signals from our client.  Notice how now it could be a “woman” with masculine energy.

“… That’s not being expressed….”

And if the whole masculine energy thing still hasn’t set off any great response, we just add in…


Now read it all together.  It could mean anything, anything at all.

“There is an issue with a man…. it feels more like a masculine energy… that’s not being expressed… completely…”

At any time, the entire “script” is stopped when we get a yes response, and can get the client talking.   We can also continue down the same direction, moving into clarifying the phrase “issue” or noticing that this “may be coming up” in the future.

This is JUST ONE OF SEVERAL DOZEN EXAMPLES AND METHODS – amazing methods that we share and ACTUALLY DO in the Fake Psychic Course – Originally Released by Mr Twenty Twenty, DD on November 20, 2005.

We sold it as a Solid Gold CD package for $97 bucks for 3 years, and now you can instantly download it for MUCH MUCH LESS AT:


DOUBLE BONUS:  You’ll get the most amazing EMBEDDED COMMAND training EVER as a bonus.  Your mind WILL BE STRETCHED and your skills REDLINED.

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