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Is DESIRE getting in your way?

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Mr. Twenty Twenty

January 14, 2007,

Hey mate,

“Let’s see what happens.”

If you have your excuses still intact and running your life, “Let’s see what happens” is a phrase that will rob you of power, steal you blind and lead you to failure. If you have been doing the Excuse Free World Program, and have done any live coaching sessions with me you know I am a stickler for killing these kinds of phrases in your conversations and inside your mind.

“Let’s see what happens!” Answer honestly, does this phrase give you feelings of adventure?

People wonder how I can get so much done, have so many web sites, write so much, and have so much time and energy for fun….

It’s because I keep eliminating excuses, and I keep refining my VISION!

Refine your action! Live your vision! Ask yourself these questions! Write down or say out loud to your support team your answers!

Develop FOCUS by asking, “What do I want? What do I CHOOSE to allow into my life?”

Then after generating sufficient detail in Focus….

Go into The Clarity Phase by asking, “What behaviors and actions support me having and getting that?”

Behaviors indirectly support your goals, actions directly get you closer to your goals and dreams. You need BOTH to get to where you are going.

Do you know what the problem is?

Most people aren’t ready for how good it can get ONCE they have Focus and Clarity.

Are you ready?

Go ahead, give up your excuses, I dare you!

Become Action Oriented – Develop Focus and Clarity.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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