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Do you know the secret power of perspective and how masterminds and mentoring can give you millions?

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November 17, 2007

Hey mate,

You have access to two very remarkable powers today. Can you imagine what could happen if you use them wisely and wildly?

The first power is Personal Power. “I’ve got the power”. Make that your theme song. Engage this Personal Power by making powerful decisions. Choose to be decisive!

The second power, which substancally amplifies your results is the secret Power of Perspective. You engage the power of perspective by enlisting a mastermind group, coach or mentor.

This is why Napoleon Hill was such a supporter of masterminds.You have the Power to transform your world IF you make decisive choices.

But your Personal Power of Decision can only be fully developed and utilized if you bring into your life the perspectives of others.

Because even if you decide to be decisive and take action, you still can’t ever know it all. The gifts that show up in a true mastermind or mentoring relationship are priceless, they are worth millions. Napoleon Hill often said that he would rather explore a good idea with a man than take his money. Because a good Idea will give you millions, while transforming the world.

One way to engage the Power of Perspective is to form a Mastermind. Pick 4 other people besides yourself that you can work with in complete harmony. Schedule a two hour session each week to “mastermind”.

Doing a master mind is simple, but it does take structure and dedication. Druing your 2 hour mastermind, every member takes 10 minutes each to share what they are doing, and then the group takes 10 minutes to give back input, guidance, and aide.

If you have 5 people in your group, this will take 100 minutes, just under 2 hours, and it will transform your world.

Another option to gain persepective is to find a mentor or a coach.

If you resonate with me, keep in mind I offer coaching programs. They aren’t casual discussions, they are fast, furiuos, inspirational, informative and transforming. And did I mention fun? And once in a great while I just might swear.

Anyhoo, what I suggest is that you find a mentor who can directly contribute to what you are doing, one that you resonate with. Pay them what they ask, and buckle up. The ride is going to get roller coaster fun.

So today I ask you to make a decision. Engage your personal power. Make powerful life changing decisions.

And… engage the amplifying Power of Perspective. Form a mastermind, or work with a coaching mentor.

Better yet, do what I do, do both.

Godspeed and more!

Mr Twenty Twenty Ex Hostage – Professional Visionary

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