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How to stop procrastinating TODAY!

Do you REALLY know why you keep PROCRASTINATING?

Let me know if this becomes shockingly familiar. Little Jimmy goes to school. Maybe just like you did.

Jimmy gets taught that it is important to know the right answer in school. The teacher rewards him when he spits out the right answer in a sentence and while he remains in his seat. Buckle up, this is gonna rock your world, from the inside out.

“Then we wonder why when Jimmy turns 16, or maybe 46, he knows the right thing to do, and he can TELL you (the figurative teacher) the right thing he should do, but he can’t get his arse off the couch and do it.” We call this, STUCK IN YOUR SEAT SYNDROME.

“Kids and adults learn abstractly. When we think we are teaching them one thing, we are actually teaching them many processes that will run or ruin their lives .”

Here is another example. Read it. It will seem innocent enough, until you combine with the process above.

This conversation happened the one day while I was training at the Pawn Hut, “Jimmy, be nice, go help grandma, and I’ll give you a cookie when you are done.”

Now that seems innocent, right? We hear this EVERY DAY. (And we are surrounded by junkies, addicts, and procrastinators….)

When you teach a child to be nice and go help grandma carry in the groceries, so he can have a cookie you are training a child to be a junkie, and maybe a manipulator too.

That’s pretty strong. Read on buckwheat!

“The real reward is feeling good about helping someone he loves, grandma. The cookie is the bonus.”

Feel good about DOING good things, INTERNAL CHOICE AND POWER.

Compare that to doing it for the Cookie. External BONUS.

Check this out….

Back when I was a child we just helped our elders. And it felt good to help. And sometimes you were given a surprise cookie. We were never told to do this so you’ll get the cookie.

It’s like teaching the child, “BE NICE so you get paid. Or laid. Or….. “

“No wonder kids, adults, seduction junkies, and drug users can’t be happy in the present moment, there is always a desired cookie, something sweet OUT THERE, in the future that they want.”

“I know, addiction is supposed to be a disease with no known cause and cure, yea, right. And procrastination is just “being lazy”. IF that was true, why do my clients start kicking real life ass when we get them out of those strategies and help them develop NEW ONES?

Now watch the patterning here, and learn from it.

“Every addict and every procrastinator I know knows the right answer, what to do to stop, what they need to do. Just like back in school, they can tell you the answer, but their ass remains in the seat… until…. they want a cookie bad enough – until they want to get high. Then they will do anything, even be incredibly nice to grandma, in other words LIE, CHEAT OR STEAL to get that cookie.”

Until you desire to change your life with EVERY SINGLE FIBER of your BEING, you won’t. You have to generate the desire to change your life, to better your world from within. Screw the cookie. Take action. Leaders lead, sheep follow. It’s time.

Mr Twenty Twenty The Ex Hostage – Professional Visionary – Weird Obtuse NLP Guru

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PPS: Movement changes BODY CHEMISTRY. A change in chemistry, changes your thinking, it opens the DOOR for new thinking habits and strategies TO GROW. If you just READ THIS ARTICLE, you will process it a tiny bit. If you MOVE, stretch, breathe deep, it will show up much more powerfully in your life.

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