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Do you know the 4 ways to get stuck in NLP and what to do about them?

Four reasons people get stuck in NLP, and what to do about it! Part I

by: Mr Twenty Twenty

1. People use too much NLP jargon. So, Stop Using Jargon.

Simply don’t try to impress your self or others with what you are learning with jargon. Hang out at any beauty salon, and learn anchoring. Watch the show 24 to learn about loops. Those are just two of the simple things we do to help people “get” what they thought they knew about neuro lingustic programming. What other big word Nelper skills can you simplify to the real world, which is where they came from anyway.

2. Don’t work at NLP. Play with NLP like how you eat.

Just take 15 minutes a day to observe what people do with Pictures, sounds, and feelings. (Notice I didn’t use NLP speak, see point number 1.) A little bit goes a long way. If you try to observe all day long, you will get sloppy and tired. Same thing with play. Play just a few times a day with anchoring for example, and you will notice that it becomes second nature.

Just like eating, do too much, and it’s not healthy. Just little meals, eaten often will make your nlp come alive.

3. Classroom results or how to get real world experience.

If all you want is classroom results, learn and play in the classroom. If you want real world results, then get into the real world and mess up. Play, and have fun. That’s what makes the world go round, playing with real people. So go get your feet wet!

4. Do it on your own or Get a Mentor.

Find someone who really gets great results and play with them. Pay them whatever they want and model them too. That’s what we do with our honor coaching clients. It’s what I do every day. I find people who I can model, and I get close to them, dishing out whatever it takes.

Go forth and play. Send me your comments about this article and your requests at Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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