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Become Naturally Powerful

People tell me all the time on our phone coaching sessions, that they wish they were “a natural” like me. If they only knew.

Everything I am and do, is a result of focused effort.

Here are 11 tips, tools and techniques that will make you a natural quicker than you ever thought possible.

1. Dedicate just 15 minutes a day to dedicated OBSERVATION time.

No more, no less. Go to the mall, the grocery store or some place where you don’t know everyone and simply observe. Notice peoples primary system. Is it visual, auditory or kinesthetic? Notice when they are talking if they are moving towards or away. Simply practice noticing. Don’t do anything else. Don’t imagine doing anything else. Simply notice. For a list of what to notice, send a blank email to and I’ll send right out to you our sheet from our standard trainings.

2. Learn how to generate and create trust.

Play with your existing skills, and simply create trust. Have no other result in mind. Don’t build trust so you can do anything else, simply learn how to create, build and experience REAL trust.

3. Discover some attitude.

Attitude with NLP is like altitude while flying, you can never have enough.

Most people are way too serious, when they could be playing. Have the attitude that it dosen’t matter, because it doesn’t, especially when you are out practicing.

4. Play when it doesn’t matter.

I share this with our coaching clients all the time. Play when it doesn’t matter, so your skills will simply take care of you when it does. It is like putting a little bit of money in the piggy bank every day, it is there when you need it.

5. Play – with age regression – especially with babies.

I love playing with little toddlers. And their Mommy’s too! If you can play with kids, who don’t yet have verbal skill, then you will be able to age regress anyone. Our Covert Age Regression CD, is based entirely on what I do when Carol and I go NLPing at the local wal mart several times a week.

That’s it for now!

Go do it, and let me know your results!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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