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Art and Science of Nested Loops.

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Mr Twenty Twenty

The Art and Science of Nested Loops – The Power of Completion.

The human mind for the most part loves completion. Whether it is cutting the grass, washing the dishes, or enjoying a movie, we seem to be hooked on completion. The art of nesting loops takes advantage of that phenomenon, and can enable you to implant suggestions in some very powerful ways.

Getting loopy.

Richard Bandler and my grandfather both used to tell stories like this. I remember sitting on his knee, smelling bacon cooking in the kitchen, while Grandma….

Just think about this, anytime you open a loop, you simply pause and open another, anytime it is appropriate. One of the things you can do while you do this, is to simply practice using this article as a template. What I am doing here is not just explaining it, but while you are reading what…


What is happening is that you are experiencing while you are reading it, because I wrote it using this loopy pattern.

So Grandma, was in the kitchen, enjoying listening to Grandpa ramble, and play like he always does with me. The bacon tasted great, and both Grandma and Grandpa are fondly remembered by me, and my friends too.

Back to the beginning.

Print this out, and read it out loud too. That way, you will have in all the major rep systems, a pattern of completion. I don’t know about you, but it is time for me to go cut the grass. Enjoy and thanks for reading. Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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