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Affirmations – Effective Affirmations Part 2

Hey mate,

Don’t just use “verbal affirmations” to update your programming and power up your life – start using VISUAL AFFIRMATIONS TOO.

BUT DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE that most people make.

Build a Vision Board – stuff you want in your life – the kinds of people you want to be with – where you want to go – and PUT YOUR PHOTO INSIDE those photo’s.   It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it HAS TO INCLUDE YOU.

Look, I’ve made VISION BOARDS that DIDN’T have me in them. And I’ve made MUCH MORE POWERFUL VISION BOARDS – that include my photo SPLICED IN – sometimes very crudely – sometimes elegantly – AND the next thing you know….


POWERPOINT: Be VERY DELIBERATE in what you choose to be and choose to have IN YOUR LIFE – because if you do it  USING POSITIONS OF POWER – YOU will start immediately changing from the inside out – so YOU GENERATE AND MANIFEST change in your life.


WHY THIS WORKS: If you are just “talking affirmations” then you are working on THE SLOWEST CHANNEL in your mind. Sound is SLOW, the SPEED OF SOUND is slow, COMPARED TO LIGHT – PICTURES – MOVIES.

So make some movies and photobooks – that include you and what you love in it – what you choose with you in it – and you will start MAKING THINGS HAPPEN.


Because it all begins with your BEHAVIOR.

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Let’s do it!

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: Notice we are using in this series – TWO MAJOR REP SYSTEMS so far. Auditory and Visual. Notice too we are sharing how to use them with much more detail than what most people are telling you to do . Why? Because THIS WORKS. Prove it to yourself BY ACTIVELY DOING. And keep coming back and getting more! Whoo yah!

PPS: Stay tuned for MUCHO MORE! Subscribe to our updates – so you don’t miss out on anything! Whooo yah!

PPPS:  My beloved chalk board.   Use one of those, or some crayons to DRAW OUT what you choose.  Use stick figures, use symbols, use shading, use arrows.  Use anything.  All tribal and aboriginal cultures I have been exposed to did this SOMEHOW.  Unleash your power!  Whooo yah!

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2 Comments on "Affirmations – Effective Affirmations Part 2"

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  1. Gordon Lovett says:

    GREAT STUFF…A MAN after my own HEART. The way we think DEFINES us! This is what FRIGHTENS me. Collectively, our nation toils with FEAR. This is the (SOUL) reason i swithched the cable companies OFF. I decided that i NO LONGER wanted to be employed by “THEM” once home from a HARD days work. Hundreds of ZOMBIE channels accessing THEMSELVES intraveniously leaving me drained of my sanguine SELF. NOW, I AM DARVISHLY CONFUSED! The silence is deafening. My monkey MIND won’t leave me ALONE…See ya round the way 20, Gordon.

    • mr2020 says:

      Hey Gordon,

      Rock on mate. Thank you for the PASSIONATE REPLY. Whoo yah.

      Let’s get together soon mate. You have my number.

      Mr Twenty Twenty

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