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Are you engaging the 3 Steps to Power Thinking

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November 30, 2007

johnandcarol.jpgHey Mate,

Look at this, it’s an ancient indian power process:

  • Problem Thinking
  • Possibility Thinking
  • Promise Thinking
  • Power Thinking

The Life Transforming 4 Corner Power Flows – learn them and transform your life.

If you take this home, and take it out to play with during this weekend, you will be one of those folks who sends me crazy emails at 2:30 in the morning. (Just don’t call me then, I’m busy cuddling with Carol.)

Problem Thinking: “I feel lonely.” “I feel lack.” “I feel bad.”Possibility Thinking: “She might say yes! ” “He might say sold!” “I can feel good!”

Promise Thinking: “We could go out again!” “He might refer a new client!” “How can I make others feel good!” (Pivot Point)

Remember – Listen closely to the call, jot out a few moments of notes…


POWER THINKING #1: Noticing MORE of The Tiny Bits you missed!

POWER THINKING #2: Noticing MORE Details about The Tiny Bits you missed!

POWER THINKING #3: Noticing MORE about THE POWER in The Tiny Bits you missed.

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