Mr. Twenty Twenty

He was a newly married Corrections Officer with just 4 months on the job, when he was taken hostage in the Camp Hill Prison Riots of 1989.  He was tied up, blindfolded, beaten, and during the next 2 years he watched his entire life fall apart.

Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, he immersed himself into Native American Philosophy and Skills, and the mind science of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Since then he has taken back his life, and used his skills and experience to transform the lives of his private clients, customers and seminar attendees.

He has developed and produced over 35 audio and video products, and he has written 3 books.

He is passionate about helping youth and young men too. In April 2007, Just 4 days after his 41st birthday, he changed his name legally to Twenty Twenty (Mr Twenty Twenty) to help the world discover the power of having Inner Vision, Focus and Clarity.

He is known as “The Clarity Coach” and uses very simple, powerful and unique approaches to helping his clients change their lives. Living abroad in Melbourne, Australia and traveling worldwide.

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